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A man smiling Wearing woolen Cloth

Think back to your school days; remember the tests and quizzes where you had to match a word to its definition? If you’re like many of us, you probably felt a great sense of relief when you discovered the format was matching. It took some of the pressure off of you to memorize a full definition. Instead, the definition, or the answer in whatever form, was given to you, right there in black and white.

It was especially nice when there was only one possible answer so that when you were finished with the test, you didn’t have many options that were left hanging. All questions on one side had a matching solution on the other side.

In life, not everything is this black and white. Problems are more complex than they used to be. And each problem may have multiple solutions. This makes problem-solving a little more complicated.

Now, think about your smile. Think about the dental problems that hold your smile back from being all that it could be. How do you solve each problem? What sort of treatment or treatments are needed to fix whatever plagues your smile?

That’s what today’s blog is all about. Our team at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS wants to take some of the guesswork out of finding the right kind of cosmetic solutions to your smile problems. Keep reading to find out more about common dental issues and possible ways to resolve them. Then give our Phoenix dental office a call to schedule your cosmetic consultation!

Smile Problem #1: My Teeth Are Chipped, Cracked, and Misshapen

Cosmetic Solution: You Should Try Dental Veneers

No one is immune to accidents or injuries. We also can’t rely on nature to allow our adult teeth to come in all perfectly shaped, uniformed, and straight. Eventually, whether it’s because of an injury, age, genetics, or lifestyle, all of us will face some sort of dental problem in our lifetime.

If your teeth are chipped, worn, cracked, or misshapen, one of the best, most versatile solutions in modern dentistry is dental veneers. These are thin, porcelain shells that are bonded to your teeth then shaped and polished to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile free of damage.

Veneers are often lumped into the realm of cosmetic dentistry, but they are also restorative in nature because they not only cover up damaged or decayed teeth, they help prevent further damage thanks to their strength and durability.

Smile Problem #2: I’m Missing One or Several Teeth

Cosmetic Solution: You Should Consider Dental Implants

Without a doubt, dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement in dentistry today. They’re enormously successful, and they can last the rest of your life. If you’re missing one or several teeth, you’re at risk for all kinds of health issues. You can’t eat nutritious foods because your ability to bite and chew the way you used to is greatly affected. With nothing to fill the space where a tooth used to be, you’re at a greater risk for gum disease because you’re now giving bacteria a lovely, cozy place to hide and grow.

An implant is placed into your jawbone, becomes an artificial root that fuses to your bone, and then is covered, usually by a dental crown, to look and function just like your healthy, natural teeth.

But dental implants aren’t for everyone. You need to have enough room, a healthy jawbone, and healthy gums to support an implant. The only way to know if you’re a good candidate for implants is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cavendish!

Smile Problem #3: My Teeth Are Stained or Discolored

Cosmetic Solution: Try a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

You don’t have to waste another dime with one of those store-bought teeth whitening kits that don’t give you the results you’re looking for. At our Phoenix dental office, you can have a whiter, more attractive smile in as little as one visit thanks to our laser technology. You can also see dramatic results with our take-home trays to help you maintain a whiter smile in the convenience of your own home!

Schedule Your Cosmetic Consultation!
We’ve only scratched the surface of the kind of cosmetic solutions you’ll find at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS. If you’re ready to trust your dental problems with our dental professionals, give us a call today to schedule your cosmetic consultation!

You can reach our Phoenix dental office at 602-835-1304 or fill out our online form.

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