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Restoring Significant Damage to Your Smile

Minor tooth damage is relatively common. Cracked teeth can happen during meals, sports practices, or unavoidable accidents. But what happens when the damage is a little more than minor? Dr. Matthew J. Cavendish and his team specialize in full mouth reconstruction when your smile needs a complete restoration. We understand that you likely have lots of questions as you learn more about reconstructive procedures, and we’re here to answer them.


Dental Video Consultation in Phoenix, AZ

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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is not a single procedure but rather a variety of treatments that help to restore teeth, jaws, and other parts of the mouth. You might also hear these procedures referred to as full mouth rehabilitation.

When Full Mouth Reconstruction Is Needed

We may recommend a full mouth reconstruction for any number of reasons. Chronic problems with oral health and traumatic injuries are both common reasons to request these procedures. Specifically, we suggest full mouth reconstruction in the following circumstances:

  • Continuous jaw and muscle pain
  • Severely decayed or worn teeth
  • Numerous injured or broken teeth
  • Misaligned bite

How We Explore Your Treatment Options

Full mouth reconstruction is a major undertaking. As such, our team will make sure to examine every aspect of your mouth so we can create an appropriate treatment plan. Our evaluations will include a thorough look at the following:

  • Teeth: We’ll check for existing veneers, crowns, or bridges, as well as cavities and other abnormalities in the teeth.
  • Gums: Cavendish will evaluate the health of your gums. If we find evidence of periodontal disease, we may need to treat that condition first.
  • Appearance: What are your smile goals? We want you to love your smile, so we take aesthetic appearance into account as we plan for full mouth reconstruction.
  • Bite: We’ll assess your bite, along with the jaw muscles and joints. Some patients require orthodontics to correct bite problems before reconstruction can begin.

What Procedures Are Included?

Every patient will undergo a different set of treatments. Your regimen depends on your unique needs, and Dr. Cavendish will be sure to sit down with you and explain what to expect. Some patients have their reconstruction wrapped up within a month, while others can take years. Neither is good or bad—the treatment is simply tailored to you. We may recommend any of the following procedures:

Know the Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost

Full mouth reconstruction requires extensive treatment that looks a little different for everyone. It’s difficult to estimate a cost without knowing your specific circumstances. On the low end, full mouth reconstruction may only cost $1,500. However, most patients can expect bills up to $45,000. Fortunately, dental insurance typically pays for some of these costs. Make sure to read up on your policy or give your provider a call. Dr. Cavendish offers several financing options to help make your treatment more affordable.

Give Us a Call Today

Whether your teeth are too decayed for crowns or you’ve recently had an injury to your face, full mouth reconstruction might be necessary to love your smile again. Dr. Cavendish and his team are committed to helping you restore your smile—no matter the cause of your problems. We strive to make you feel comfortable at our Phoenix office, and we welcome any and all questions. Contact us today to learn more about full mouth reconstruction.



Dental Video Consultation in Phoenix, AZ