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Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile in Phoenix, AZ

When you live in Phoenix, AZ, nobody needs to tell you how hot summertime can be! You’re all too familiar with the heat of the summer sun, but you also know how fun this season can be, too. Kids are out of school and ready for days of splashing around at the local swimming pool. You might be planning a special event like a wedding, a family or class reunion, or maybe you’re just looking forward to spending time at the local park with the kids.

Summertime calls us to get out in nature and soak up the heat, enjoy recreational activities, and make memories with people we care about. While you’re having fun this summer, our team at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS wants to help you keep your family’s teeth and gums strong and healthy.

This season can threaten your oral health in its own way, but that’s true for every season. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get out there and enjoy it. We just want to help you do what you can to protect your smile.

That’s why today’s blog offers four tips for a healthy summer smile!

TIP #1: Drink Lots of Water to Prevent Dry Mouth

You don’t often hear about the relationship between water and your oral health, except maybe when it comes to benefits of fluoridated water. But regarding hydration in general, water is essential in protecting your teeth.

First, we know the important role water plays in your overall health. And we know how dangerous dehydration can be. But more than that, dehydration can lead to gum disease, which is another way dehydration can damage the body.

Here’s what we mean. Dehydration causes dry mouth, which of course, is when you can’t produce enough saliva. Saliva contains calcium and traces restorative minerals that keep your tooth enamel strong. It also washes away debris from foods and drinks that would otherwise provide nourishment to harmful bacteria that leads to decay and gum disease.

So you can imagine why it matters that you have enough saliva in your mouth! Make sure you’re staying well-hydrated all year long, but especially in the heat of the summer months.

TIP #2: Choose Healthy Snacks

Summer is usually the time when we plan those trips to the park, to the beach, and to the local pool. So when you’re heading out, it can be tempting to load a bag full of highly processed convenience foods like chips, pretzels, and crackers. We load our coolers with soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juices.

These might be convenient, but they’re loaded with added sugars that increase your chances for tooth decay and cavities. Instead, it’s better for your teeth and gums to choose healthy, crunchy fruits and vegetables and calcium-rich hard cheeses.

Grab some apples and cut up celery and carrot sticks, for example. These snacks not only provide a crunch that promotes saliva production, but their texture scrubs your teeth as you eat them and clean them of harmful bacteria.

TIP #3: Include Dental Care in Your Summer Vacation Plans!

You deserve to have a relaxing vacation free from worry. That’s why we recommend planning for dental emergencies that might happen away from home. Now, this may sound a bit contradictory. How can your trip be worry-free if you’re worried about a dental emergency? But what we mean is that if you need emergency dental service while away from your own dental office, you shouldn’t have to waste a moment frantically searching for the nearest dentist!

Do some online research to find emergency dental services near where you’re going to be staying while on vacation and keep that contact information with you. Then you’ll know exactly what to do to get the help you need.

You can also get any dental work you need taken care of before you leave for vacation. This will allow you plenty of time to heal and to follow-up with us should any complications arise during recovery.

TIP #4: Schedule a Dental Checkup at Matthew J. Cavendish!

One last tip is a little selfish on our part. We want to see you! But in all seriousness, our top priority is the best oral health for our patients, so we want to make sure you pay us a visit for a dental cleaning and exam. Let us help you keep your family’s smiles as healthy as possible this summer!

Call our Phoenix dental office TODAY at 602-835-1304 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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