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Woman hiding her smile

Restaurants all over the country are likely working extra hard preparing for the wave of lovebirds who’ll be sitting down to a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’re half of just such a couple who has reservations at a local hotspot for you and your sweetheart.

You’re excited to share a lovely meal with the person you care about, and you’re probably patting yourself on the back for avoiding the popular Italian restaurant in town because let’s face it, you don’t want to risk garlic breath on your romantic night out!

Something that’s just as much of a mood-spoiler on Valentine’s Day is dry mouth.

Our team at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS PLLC is here to help! Today, we’re talking about why you need saliva, especially on a day like Valentine’s, and how our dry mouth treatment can help you get ready to smile (or pucker up!) with confidence.

Saliva Is a Valentine for Your Teeth!

Saliva doesn’t often get the respect it deserves. In fact, most of what you associate with saliva is probably something awkward or embarrassing.

Does the saying, ‘Girls Rule, Boys Drool!’ conjure any childhood playground taunts? Ever recall falling asleep in class and wake up to a puddle of drool on your desk?

The truth is, salvia is more like a knight in shining armor for your teeth and gums.

It’s what coats your enamel and keeps harmful acids from penetrating its surface. Along with that, saliva is composed of enzymes that fight harmful bacteria.

Your teeth rely on saliva to wash away food particles and sugary residue from what you eat and drink.

Avoid These Dry Mouth Disasters!

Here are some of the potential results of dry mouth that could spell embarrassment for you and disaster for your oral health:

Smelly Breath

This is a big one, folks!

When you’re talking about the most important date night of the year, you have to have a clean, fresh breath! Your date won’t want to get up close and personal with you if your breath has them running for the hills!

A Sticky Mouth

When your mouth is all dry and sticky, it’s pretty uncomfortable. It’s also awkward for the way it affects your speech.

And speaking of awkward, a sticky mouth that’s desperate for the moisture is a magnet for lipstick, which is an embarrassing problem we know you’d rather avoid!

Impaired Taste Buds

Dry mouth makes your taste buds less sensitive, making it hard to taste food as well. That’s not what you want on during your romantic dinner for two!

Dry, Chapped Lips & Mouth Sores

Nothing will ruin a goodnight kiss faster than dry, cracked lips!

But that’s what you’re at risk for as a result of dry mouth. You can also develop deep cracks on your lips that bleed and more frequent canker sores in your mouth.

Tooth Decay

We’ve already talked about the importance of saliva to your enamel. Those tiny holes in your enamel after it’s been worn away by acids are an open invitation for bacteria. Once the bacteria gain entrance, it decays your teeth.

Your saliva production can slow way down for many different reasons, which is why dry mouth is fairly common. Knowing what’s causing your dry mouth makes it easier to treat. It might be because of tobacco use, other lifestyle habits, certain health conditions, and medications, or it could be as simple as not getting enough water every day.

Along with drinking more water, here are other ways you can keep your mouth moist and your breath fresh on Valentine’s Day!

  • Buy sugarless breath fresheners and chewing gum
  • Rinse with a minty mouthwash that contains fluoride.
  • Look for crunchy raw fruits and vegetables on the menu to encourage saliva flow.

Treat Dry Mouth Today!

We hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and romance. You can help keep your lips soft and your mouth moist with the helpful tips we’ve listed in today’s blog.

But if your dry mouth persists regardless of your efforts at home, you should definitely get it checked out in our Phoenix, AZ dental office. Dr. Cavendish can see there’s a deeper, more serious underlying issue that’s causing your dry mouth and whether you may need to consider our mouth rinse or laser treatments to get your salivary glands back in business!

Call Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS at 602-835-1304 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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