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X-Ray of teeth
At Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, we want all of our patients to have a beautiful smile. That means offering a variety of cosmetic dental treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth.

But a beautiful smile doesn’t happen with cosmetic dentistry alone. For a smile to be beautiful, it must first be healthy. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure you get the dental care you need so that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.

Sometimes that requires endodontics. Today, we’re taking a look at endodontics and how it can help you achieve a healthy, lovely smile from the inside out.

A Healthy Smile Comes from Within

We know that beauty is only skin deep. You might look fit and healthy on the outside thanks to good genes, your age, or expensive beauty products. But without proper nutrition and regular exercise, it’s just a matter of time before a deficiency of nutrients and activity will show itself on the outside.

The same is true when it comes to your smile. When you’re young, your teeth and gums might appear to be healthy, but without proper oral care, eventually, you’ll start to see signs of it. You might notice stains and discoloration of your teeth and gums, or you might experience tooth or jaw pain because of injury, infection, or decay.

Cosmetic dentistry can correct some dental problems on a surface level, but if your teeth aren’t healthy on the inside, it won’t do anything for your smile long term.

That’s where endodontics can help. By keeping your teeth in good shape on the inside, you are preserving an attractive smile on the outside. That’s because endodontics is the treatment of the pulp inside of your tooth, which can be susceptible to decay, infection, or injury.

Healthy Teeth Inside, A Healthy Smile Outside

The pulp inside of your teeth is what allows blood to flow to your teeth and gums so they look and function as they should. When the pulp becomes infected or damaged, it compromises that blood flow.

It’s no secret that ignoring problems will most often only make them worse. The same rule applies to dental problems. You can try to ignore or put off dental treatment for infected pulp, but that could have disastrous consequences for your oral and overall health.

You might notice issues like tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, for example. Maybe you have a cavity and think that as long as it’s not giving you pain, it’s not a big deal if you never get it filled.

What can happen when you avoid treatment is more damage to the affected tooth at first, but then the damage can have a domino effect; infection can spread and threaten the health of your surrounding teeth and gums. Eventually, you risk tooth loss and a whole host of other health issues.

Dr. Cavendish can treat damaged or diseased pulp before any of these problems take hold of your mouth. He can do this with a simple root canal procedure. Now, we know that root canals have a bad reputation. But thanks to our advanced laser technology, your root canal therapy in our Phoenix dental office is a comfortable, stress-free process.

During a root canal, Dr. Cavendish carefully removes the infected pulp, cleans the affected area, fills it with gutta-percha, and then seals it with a natural-looking dental crown. This will not only protect your tooth from problems in the future, but it will preserve your smile overall.

Endodontics In Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Cavendish and our dedicated team here in Phoenix, AZ want to do all we can to maintain the integrity of your smile. That means making sure you feel comfortable in getting the endodontic treatment you need to remove any infection, repair damage, and protect every one of your teeth.

Giving you high-quality dental care and a positive, stress-free experience is our top priority. That’s why we want to encourage you to come in for a cleaning and exam so we can make sure your teeth are healthy on the inside and preserve your beautiful smile on the outside.

Call Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS today at 602-835-1304 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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