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Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ
When you were a kid, losing a tooth was pretty exciting. It meant a visit from the tooth fairy, and a special gift under your pillow. It also probably made you feel that much closer to being a big kid.

Wouldn’t it be nice if losing teeth in adulthood were as thrilling? Sadly, adult tooth loss is a vastly different experience, and it can have far more negative consequences. From compromised oral and overall health to the emotional burden of walking around with an unsightly, embarrassing smile, it’s definitely not something to celebrate.

But fortunately, modern dentistry allows you to regain your life from the potentially devastating effects of tooth loss. This is all thanks to dental implants, the best option in tooth replacement today.

At Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, we can place your dental implant and a temporary tooth replacement on the very same day. While you wait for your permanent crown, you can walk around feeling more confident, not embarrassed about hiding those empty spaces in your smile.

Why? Because you deserve that. Here are three more reasons you deserve dental implants if you’ve suffered adult tooth loss.

Reason #1 – You Deserve A Full, Beautiful Smile

Imagine if losing a tooth as an adult was just as cool as it was when you were younger. You could safely preserve your tooth in a plastic baggie and run around showing off your prize to family and friends.

Everyone would comment on how fast you were growing up, how brave you were when the tooth finally came out, and how lucky you were that the tooth fairy would be stopping by after you drifted off to sleep.

But that’s not how it works. Losing one or more teeth as an adult means shame, not pride. There is no tooth fairy coming, and there are no rewards to reap by this reminder that you’ve gotten older.

There is the only embarrassment about a smile that’s now incomplete, with no hope of a new tooth coming soon to take its place. But with dental implants, you can have a beautiful smile once again, with replacements that look and function just like your natural teeth.

Dental implants allow you to smile with confidence again, knowing that no one will be able to tell your replacement teeth from your natural teeth. This boost in self-esteem will make you feel free to smile again and to smile often.

Reason #2 – You Deserve A Healthy Smile

You deserve a smile that’s not only attractive but healthy. Missing a tooth and choosing not to have it replaced can threaten the health and stability of your surrounding teeth. This puts you at a much greater risk of losing more teeth in the future.

Missing one tooth isn’t such a big deal, right? It won’t affect your quality of life all that much, after all. Or could it?

The fact is, when you’re missing a tooth, you could lose bone mass in your jaw because there isn’t anything there being actively engaged and stimulated while you eat or speak. That disuse can lead to a weakened jawbone, which will weaken the healthy teeth and bone around that empty space.

All this leads to is further tooth loss. Before long, you have a bigger problem on your hands than just one missing tooth. So to preserve your smile, and your quality of life, dental implants are the perfect solution. The implant itself is placed in your jawbone and covered with a dental crown which allows you to chew and eat normally. Your bone, teeth, and facial structure are strengthened, as a result.

Reason #3 – You Deserve Good Oral And Overall Health

It only takes about a year for you to lose nearly 25% of bone density after you lose an adult tooth. But by opting for a dental implant, you’re regaining nearly all of the bite force that you had before you lost the tooth.

Keeping your teeth, all of them, actively engaged and stimulated allows you to preserve the look and function of your teeth. It also helps to protect against gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss, that might take hold in the large empty space left behind.

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You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile that gives you the confidence to eat, laugh, and interact with others and enjoy a high quality of life. Dr. Cavendish and our skilled team can help you!

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