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Oral Teeth Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Even if you’re proactive with brushing and flossing your teeth, you may still be a little apprehensive when it’s time for your six-month dental cleaning. What will the dental hygienist find that you missed? More importantly, what are they even looking for?

Your dental hygienist’s job is to protect the health of your smile by acting as the first line of defense against oral disease. Dental cleanings in Phoenix, AZ allow your hygienist to monitor the health of your teeth and gums and address small problems before they worsen and threaten your oral health.

What Your Hygienist Looks for During a Dental Cleaning

The objective of dental cleanings every six months is to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth that your toothbrush can’t. During this appointment, your hygienist also checks for signs of:

Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum disease is very prevalent, mainly because many patients are either asymptomatic or don’t recognize the symptoms as being signs of gum disease. During your routine teeth cleaning, your hygienist checks for gum recession or inflammation or swelling around your gum line. He or she will also measure the depth of periodontal pockets, which are the spaces that form between the teeth and gums and are caused by gum disease.

Tooth Decay

Another thing your hygienist looks for during your dental cleaning is signs of tooth decay or cavities. It’s always best for your oral health to address cavities as soon as possible. Early treatment for tooth decay protects your oral health and allows your dentist to recommend more conservative treatment options.

Cracked Teeth

You may not realize it, but very fine cracks can appear that weakens a tooth and increases your risk of more serious dental problems. Fortunately, your hygienist can easily spot cracked teeth during your cleaning appointment and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning at Our Phoenix Dental Office

Are you due for your next dental cleaning? Call Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, to arrange a convenient appointment. And if it’s been a while since your last cleaning, don’t worry! We are a judgment-free dental practice, and our only concern is helping you achieve a healthier smile.

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