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How Mini Dental Implants Give Hope to Denture Patients

Any patient who has had to rely on dentures knows how restricting they can be, especially when it comes to food.

That’s why we love telling patients about mini dental implants at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS!

Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?

We offer mini dental implants in our Phoenix, AZ office to denture patients as a solution for the poor nutrition they’ve suffered as a result of loose dentures over the years.

Here’s a video message from Dr. Cavendish talking about one of our patient success stories where a woman’s ability to eat healthy foods she loved was almost immediately restored thanks to implants!

Call Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS at (602) 726-3459 or fill out ...

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Mini Dental Implants Save Your Smile & So Much More!

Even one lost tooth can impact your life.

You might start chewing on one side to avoid pain and discomfort.

Depending on where that large, empty space is in your mouth, you might start hiding your smile or avoiding social situations out of fear or embarrassment.

That’s just with one missing tooth!

Several lost teeth are even more life-changing.

But at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, you can turn it around, eat comfortably, and smile with confidence again thanks to our mini dental implants!

Today, we’re filling you in on the latest innovation in teeth replacement options for patients who were about to give up hope for loving their smiles again.

Here’s more about what you can save ...

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