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Besides brushing and flossing, how can I keep my teeth clean?

Brushing is essential for removing bacteria-filled plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, and flossing completes the job by removing food particles from between your teeth and around your gums. Ideally, you will also be visiting your dental hygienist every six months for professional cleanings.

The main problem people seem to have with this routine is flossing efficiently. Many people feel like they don’t have the time to devote to it or may not know how to do it correctly, so they skip the routine altogether.

Waterpic Flossers for Further Cleaning 

To ensure your teeth and gums are getting really clean and simplify your life in the process, Dr. Cavendish recommends trying a Waterpik water flosser device. We still recommend using floss, but the safe, yet powerful, stream of water used by Waterpik devices can help get rid of tiny food particles stuck between your teeth. Waterpik is fast, easy to use, and effective at getting rid of particles in hard-to-reach areas of your smile.

Whether it's time for your next dental exam or you would like us to explain additional steps you can take to maintain a healthy smile, please call our Phoenix dental office. We will be happy to arrange an appointment for you at your convenience. 

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