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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting a Dental Crown

February 24, 2019
Posted By: Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, PLLC
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It’s easy to take your teeth and the work they do for granted until one of them isn’t functioning properly. Then all you can think of is finding a solution to eliminate the discomfort when you chew and embarrassment when you smile.

If a tooth has minor damage or decay, a dental filling is a solution your dentist would recommend. However, a tooth that's too damaged to be fixed with a filling will require a restoration called a dental crown placed in Phoenix, AZ.

Why Your Dentist Recommends a Crown

When injury or extensive decay compromises a tooth's structure, your dentist recommends a crown to restore function and protect the tooth from chewing forces. If you postpone the procedure, you risk the need for more complex and costly complicated treatment down the line. 

  1. Exposure to harmful bacteria – Without protection, bacteria penetrate deeper into the tooth and cause further decay or a painful infection. 
  2. Further damage – Leaving a weakened tooth unprotected puts it at risk for further breakdown. Without treatment, the damage worsens, and the only option to protect your oral health would be a root canal or extraction. 
  3. Irritation of tender mouth tissue – If the damage to a tooth leaves rough or broken surfaces, you can develop sores and irritation in your mouth. 

Call Our Office for a Consultation

At Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, we custom craft quality dental crowns in Phoenix, AZ using only premium materials. Our crowns restore the damage, allow you to chew comfortably again, and improve your confidence. Placing a crown can often be accomplished in just two visits to our dental office.

If you have tooth damage and would like to learn more about dental crowns and how they can help you, please call our office so we can arrange a consultation with Dr. Cavendish.

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