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How to Help Kids with Dental Anxiety

Kid's Dentistry in Phoenix AZ

Although today’s modern dentistry is painless and high-tech, many people still have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Not surprisingly, children are afraid of the dentist too, but parents can help their child using a few key tips. Here’s what you need to know if your child struggles with dental anxiety in Phoenix, AZ.

Parents’ Roles in Childhood Dental Anxiety

Studies show that children whose parents suffer from dental anxiety are more anxious about visiting the dentist than other kids. This may be because they hear their parents talk or joke about their fears or see their parents avoiding the dentist because of their dental anxiety.

In general, the more positive you are ...

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3 Surprising Ways Dental Sedation Can Help You

If you’re ready to start over this spring with your oral health but are too afraid to visit the dentist, today’s blog may be the start of a new, healthier life!

Our team at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, PLLC in Phoenix, AZ is talking all about dental anxiety and how to get past it with help from our sedation dentistry options!

Dental Fear Is Real!

Studies show that nearly 30-40 million adults in this country suffer from what’s called dental anxiety, a fear so intense that you can barely, if at all, make your way to the dentist office for routine appointments.

Naturally, you’re not alone in fearing the dentist, but it does put ...

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Don’t Fear The Dentist This Year! (VIDEO)

When you don’t get regular dental cleanings and exams, you put your smile, oral health, and overall wellness at great risk.

But if you’re letting fear stand in the way of routine dental appointments, it’s time to make a resolution to get over your dental anxiety this year!

Hear from Craig, one of our patients, who talks about his dental anxiety and how our team at Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, PLLC helped ease him out of that trap.

Call our Phoenix, AZ dental office at (602) 428-7332 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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The #1 Resolution To Make For A Healthier Smile

Let our team at Matthew J. Cavendish help you successfully overcome your fears about dental care this year. It’s the number one resolution you can make to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and your smile looks great!

Today, we’re talking about why you might be afraid of dental treatment and how we can help you move beyond it in 2018!

Try to First Understand Your Fears

First, it’s important to know why you’re fearful or nervous about dental appointments. We’re listing some of the most common reasons people avoid dentists as much as possible:

Are You Expecting a Lecture from Our Team?

While we understand this is a very real fear among new ...

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Declare Your Independence from Dental Anxiety!

Even though July 4th has come and gone, it always seems the patriotic celebrations continue as the month marches on. That’s why before we say goodbye to our country’s birthday month, our team at Matthew J. Cavendish is here to help you celebrate another kind of independence.

Your own.

That’s right. You can declare your independence this month from dental anxiety once and for all. And our team in Phoenix, AZ can help you!

Let’s start by saying dental anxiety is very real, and it affects millions of people in this country. Whether it’s because of negative dental experiences from your past or fear of the pain or the unknown, it’s the kind ...

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This Patient Prefers Our Pain-Free Dentistry (VIDEO)

Do you feel anxious and scared as your dental appointment approaches? Do you let that sense of dread prevent you from keeping your appointments entirely?

Dr. Matthew Cavendish and our caring team want you to have a healthy smile. This means going out of our way to put you at ease when you walk through our doors.

Listen to one of our satisfied patients, Craig. Hear what he has to say about why our team is his top choice for dental care, especially when it comes to helping him overcome dental anxiety.

What can we do to make your dental experience more comfortable? Call us today at (602) 483-6243 or fill out our ...

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